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Stirring Photo Shows Shelter Dogs Turning To Each Other For Love

A stirring image circulating on the web this week shows that all animals – whether adopted by a human family or not – need love.

The image was taken by the Fulton County Shelter in Atlanta, Georgia, and shows two dogs cuddling as they sleep on the shelter’s floor.

Here it is:

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Both dogs in the photo are still available for adoption. The brown dog is Delaware, a “very playful” 8-month-old pit bull mix. The black dog is Kyra, described as a “high-energy” 1-year-old lab mix. The Fulton County Animal Shelter says both dogs are spayed, vaccinated, microchipped and ready for adoption. 

According to the ASPCA, approximately 7.6 million animals enter shelters in America each year. Of this number, only 2.7 million are adopted.

Sources: Huffington Post, Fulton County Animal Shelter, ASPCA


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