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Does Ocean Marketing Still Believe Bad Press is Good?

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I was prompted to bring everyone up to speed on the Ocean Marketing debacle after I realized how many people were jumping on the bandwagon and stooping to juvenile levels in response. It put me off to see some of my friends choose to say things like “he’s a douche” instead of letting it die down or shedding new light on the situation.

Here is a recap: Dave wanted some updates on the delivery of his purchased products.  Paul was less than professional. Gabe of Penny Arcade stepped in to use his “calming” ability. Paul was immune. Vultures descended. [Or you can go to Gabe’s more direct account on Penny Arcade.]

I understand why Mike Krahulik (Gabe) of Penny Arcade (and the Penny Arcade Expo, PAX) finally decided to jump into the conversation. Choosing if or when to publish a story can be burdensome. Do you feed attention-seeking whores or do you handle it privately and let them die a slow, miserable existence? There are times however when a decision is made for you. While I would have responded differently (I think) I don’t represent our community the same way as Mike does. What Paul Christoforo clearly understood as well, as he backtracked for a second, is the power of the community (and the power a convention such as PAX has on this community!). He should have known this if he was entering into marketing a strategy to gamers. 

What Paul has successfully done is turn this into his 15 minutes of fame. As many have discovered, the reach, speed and amplification properties the internet holds is where its power lies. He has, for now, secured a modicum of popularity. If he is smart (though his emails dispel the notion) he will use this momentum, leave the gaming space, and find new clients who will see the exponential growth positively before finding out the reasons.

My only sadness would be if this hurts the company making the Avenger controllers who shouldn’t suffer as a result.  I do challenge you to unfollow him and once the thrill is over never look twice. Urge the company to find a new company like Bender Helper Impact or TriplePoint. And for crying out loud, do NOT let him become another internet meme!  People like him are a cancer, feeding off the negativity.

One more note to Paul. You mentioned sites who will review the product and while true, rest assured many journalists and reviewers will also mention how you nearly f*cked it up to this company, which will only service to keep new clientele from signing with you. You put your needs above your clients. As a 38-year-old in marketing so versed in the internet, you should have known bad press spreads faster and is much harder to recover from; a lesson I learned at 17 as a server.  Every customer matters.  Best of luck.

This video really is quite funny...


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