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Stewardess Heather Poole Says Flight Attendants get Fired for Being Sick

Flight attendants have always had a glamorous jet-set reputation, but according to a tell-all article by stewardess Heather Poole, the truth is far from the stereotype.

Poole, who has worked for a major airline for 15 years, wrote on, that flight attendants can be fired for getting on a plane while ill, not wearing their uniforms properly, or abusing their "free flights" privileges.

She says flight attendants do eveything from cracking down on human trafficking to stopping people from smuggling dead bodies.

They also have to monitor the bathrooms to stop passengers trying to join the Mile High Club.

Poole writes: "If we ask you to stop doing whatever it is you're doing, by all means, stop!"

She also says that flight attendants hate Diet Coke, because the fizz makes it three times longer to serve than other beverages.

Poole reveals that most airlines pay their staff only while they are actually in the air, giving them an allowance of just $1.50 per hour when they are away from home, but still on land.

However, despite the tough conditions faced by flight attendants, the job market for cabin crew is competitive.

According to Poole, when Delta took on 1,000 more staff two years ago, they had 100 applicants for each job, which is worse odds than trying to get in to an Ivy League university.

Poole adds that pilots have been known to seduce new stewardesses, because "they know that new hires tend to be more flattered by their advances."


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