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Steve Harvey Asks Miss Kenya About Trump (Video)

Miss Kenya surprised many after being asked her opinion about President Donald Trump during the Miss Universe competition on Jan. 28 (video below).

"Now arguably no United States president has had a more active first 10 days in office," begins host Steve Harvey. "What are you most excited about and what most concerns you when it comes to the presidency of Donald Trump?" Harvey asks Miss Kenya, Mary Esther Were.

At first, Were looks visibly nervous after being asked such a potentially divisive question. She starts, unable to finish her thought, but quickly regains composure, surprising many with her answer.

"Donald Trump having been elected as president of the United States may not have been the choice of many people living in the United States," says the beauty queen. "But I feel that once he took up his position he was able to unify the entire nation."

Some people -- particularly conservatives and Trump supporters -- were delighted by the young woman's response.

"She decided to buck the system and back the US president, instead of throwing him under the bus as pageant organizers surely hoped she would do when the question was written," writes Jodi for Mad World News, praising Were.

Others on social media agreed.

"Good for her, she saw the hook he was casting and turned it right back into his own as**...that was a lady with class," chimed in another man on Mad World News' Facebook page.

Others responded to Miss Kenya's answer with skepticism.

"I'm sure Miss Kenya has opinions on the issue -- as the whole world does -- but would she really give her actual thoughts during such a high-profile moment?" writes Lindsay Denninger for Bustle. "Probably not. To ask about Donald Trump in a pageant once owned by Donald Trump is strange."

Others were upset Harvey asked questions focused on the U.S. during what should be an international competition.

"I'm so mad at the #MissUniverse competition for asking Miss Kenya about Trump," wrote one Twitter user. "USA is not her country. That's not fair."

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