Television and radio host Steve Harvey still defends his decision to have met with President Donald Trump soon after the former real estate mogul was inaugurated. 

Harvey said on April 18 that Trump is keeping his promise to him, as far as what they talked about providing housing for the underprivileged, according to TMZ. But his response to the question, "So, you're happy with what Trump's doing?" was not positive. 

On Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, hosted by Dom Giordano, Harvey explained that he went to the White House to help communities, despite his own personal disappointment about who won the election, KYW-TV reports. 

"The reason I went to the White House was not for myself," said Harvey. "It was for the people who listen to me every morning. I’m in there in a meeting to set up something with [Housing and Urban Development Secretary] Dr. Ben Carson, who President Trump was really cool about."

Harvey explained how the meeting went: "He was a really gracious guy, he put him on the phone right away and set up a meeting so I can help facilitate housing in the urban community and I asked for centers to be built in the urban community to help these young kids who have such talent that don’t have any place to put it."

He explained, "They don’t have any job training. They don’t have the right mental capacity, the attitude to get themselves out of these neighborhoods."

Harvey said, despite a long, drawn out, bitter and contentious election, the two sides should work together. 

“I fought really, really hard with my morning show to get [Democratic nominee] Hillary Clinton elected," he said. "I mean I was hammering, trying to get the vote out for Hillary Clinton. It didn’t work. We lost. So, when you’re at war and you’re in a battle and somebody loses the battle, at the end of the battle, somebody’s got to get on their horse and ride across the battlefield and talk to the new conquering general." 

He said he will focus on staying positive during the Trump years, and keep fighting for good causes. 

"I’m not going to get on my radio show and preach four years of doom and gloom because he’s the president. Something good has got to come out of this and we got to go and sit down and have dialogue to see what it is. That’s what it is," said Harvey.

"The conversation I had with him was cordial. It was very congenial. He was a relaxed guy. He’s the president and, at the end of the day, if you get invited up there to talk with the president of the United States, for you not to go, I don’t understand what that accomplishes."

Sources: TMZ, KYW-TV / Photo credit: Angela George/Wikimedia Commons

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