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Stetson Tedder Accused of Shooting Stepdaughter with BB Gun

An unassuming Washington grandmother thought that the tiny dots sprinkled on her granddaughter’s body were the chicken pox, but the she was wrong. The young girl was actually covered with welts as a result of her stepfather tying her up and repeatedly shooting her with a BB gun, reports allege. A nurse who treated the girl counted at least 36 marks on her body that are believed to have been caused by BBs that are designed to sting but not break the skin.

26-year-old Stetson Tedder was arrested last week under suspicion of felony domestic violence for an assault of a child and unlawful imprisonment. Court papers reveal that authorities think that Tedder “knowingly inflicted bodily harm which by design caused pain as to the equivalent of that produced by torture."

The four-year-old said that Tedder would use zip ties and duct tape to secure her ankles and wrists behind her back and also described a variety of other forms of abuse. The young girl said that she was made to sit with her back to a wall without a chair until a timer would ring and also that she once was tied up and made to pick up her messy room with her teeth.

Tedder, who is out on bail, did admit in court papers that he would duct tape the girl's wrists from time to time as a form of restraint, but said that she would be restricted for a half hour at the most. He claims that his son is the one who shot the BB gun at the girl. She was taken into protective custody and is currently staying with a relative. Child protective services have been contacted.

Tudder posted bail after being taken into custody but charges against him are expected to be filed this week.

Source: (Daily News)


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