Stepmom Caught On Camera Ruthlessly Beating Young Girl (Video)

Troubling footage out of China shows a stepmother relentlessly beating a young girl because the child wet herself. The stepmother kicks, punches, and whips the girl for over four minutes as the child screams.

The video begins with the woman whipping the girl on the front of her legs repeatedly with the stick. She pauses periodically to scold the girl before resuming the beating.

The abuse goes on for several minutes as the mother transitions from whipping the girl to punching and kicking her. The child screams as she is knocked to the ground multiple times, but her agony elicits no reaction from the stepmother.

Here is the footage:

It is not known if the stepmother will face any legal action for the abuse. MailOnline claims police are aware of the footage but are declining to charge the woman, but the site provides no source for this claim. One MailOnline commenter says Chinese media outlets report that the woman has, in fact, been arrested, but we are unable to verify this claim. Child abuse is illegal in China, though the country admits it needs more infrastructure in place to care for abused children.

Sources: MailOnline, CCTV News, South China Morning Post


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