Stephen Piotrkowski Faces Discrimination for Being Straight White Male at Northwestern University

Northwestern University student Stephen Piotrkowski was apparently denied the chance to become Associate Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion at the school because he is a white heterosexual male.

“When you’re forced to work with all these multicultural groups that are, for the most part, not made up of white males, do you think you have the perspective that is not their perspective, to bring to them?” Student Senator Jesse Seitz asked Piotrkowski during a Student Senate hearing last Wednesday.

“This university is not ready, in any capacity, for a heterosexual white male to be in charge in any way of diversity and inclusion. I don’t know if any university is," said Ian Coley, a student on the Associate Student Government Diversity and Inclusion Committee, reported the Daily Northwestern.

Following 30 minutes of questions, the Student Senate voted to block Piotrkowski’s appointment to the position.

Hayley Stevens, the former Associate Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion, told the Daily Northwestern: “[Piotrkowski] was our best candidate. My position is not meant to represent the multicultural community. That’s not what it’s here for. We are here to hear about different diversity initiatives going on across campus. We’re meant to streamline them. We’re meant to connect them to other groups.”

Piotrkowski was reportedly part of the Northwestern Inclusion Task Force, which advocates for diversity. He tried to appeal the Student Senate's decision as he self-identifies as a religious minority and has a lesbian sister.

Source: Daily Northwestern


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