Stephen Colbert Jokes About Thomas Jefferson's 'Affirmative Action' (Video)

On Saturday, Stephen Colbert gave the commencement address at the University of Virginia where he joked about the school's founder, Thomas Jefferson, and his "affirmative action" with slave Sally Hemings (video below).

“The greatest figure associated with U.Va. is your founder, Thomas Jefferson, TJ, Prez Tommy Jeff, the freckly anti-federalist, Louisiana purchee, old Bible slicer, or as most Americans know him, the inventor of the six-inch wooden cypher wheel,” said Colbert, per Mediaite.com.

“In public life, we often see Jefferson as the embodiment of white male patriarchy, but in his private life, he was known for, shall we say, embracing diversity. Very affirmative in his actions. Am I right? I am right. They did the DNA tests.”

During his speech, "The Colbert Report" host recalled the University of Virginia rejecting him when he applied to transfer from Hampden-Sydney College. Colbert said he failed to submit an essay with his application in 1984.

Source: Mediaite.com


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