Stephanie Starling Blackmails Man on 'Sugar Daddy' Site


A woman who pretended to be a struggling college student posted fake photos on a "sugar daddy" website to entice men to send her money. 

Stephanie Starling, 26, posed as a 21-year-old on, and used photos of a blonde porn star to get men to message her.

But things escalated when she began blackmailing one of the sugar daddies who was hoping to make her his girlfriend on the side. He sent her thousands of dollars without even meeting her, but then decided to stop.

Once he stopped, she began threatening him, saying that she would send the naked photos he sent her to his family and boss.

It all started in September 2012, when the man sent her $7,000 to pay for "various school and living expenses."

In November, he said he would not be sending her any more money, likely because she would not meet him in real life.

Starling threatened to send his nude photos to his wife and co-workers, so he paid her a final $1,200 to vow she would never talk to him again.

But she returned, three weeks later, demanding more money.

She sent him a message reading, "I will never f**king stop until I get my money or you die."

Then she said, "I better have a tracking number by 6pm my time or I'm making you famous."

The man did not know what to do, so contacted the FBI. After the FBI began investigating, they discovered Starling lived in Jacksonville, Fla. and arrested her.

When she confessed to it, she said she was "sorry for the stress and pain I caused him," because she was "in college aspiring to become a dentist."

She also told authorities that she was "seeing" five or six men from the same site.

SugarDaddyforMe matches wealthy men with young women for $53 a month. 

On Monday, Starling is set to attend a detention hearing in the U.S. District Court in Jacksonville. If she is convicted of extortion, she may face up to 20 years in jail.

Sources: NY Daily News,The Smoking Gun


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