Stephanie Redus Arrested for Putting her 3-Year-Old Son on Craigslist

A woman admitted to putting her three-year-old son on Craigslist for adoption, blaming her inability to take her depression medication for the post.

Stephanie Christine Redus, 29, from Houston, Texas, is pregnant with her second child and cannot take her medication. 

She was reported to police after Craigslist was given a grand jury subpoena ordering the release of the poster's profile. They discovered it was Redus, and police went to her house to arrest her.

The post read:


I’m trying to adopt out my 3yr old son. I’m not in a good place in my life and don’t feel like I can care for him properly but I don’t know where to start. 

'If you or know anyone who is interested in caring for him please let me know. I’m a single mom and can’t do this. 

Thanks, Desperate."

When police interviewed her, she lied and said that she only spoke to one person who answered the ad. 

But four days later she came back to police and said she lied. Redus admitted to posting the ad while she was at work and said several people replied to it.

She said it was because she was struggling with depression.

Her neighbors were surprised to hear about the ad, as the boy and mother seemed happy while they played with his toys outside.

Redus said the ad was made as a way for her to cope with her anxiety, and that she didn't really want to put him up for adoption.

John Kirby, a neighbor, said, "I see the little boy over there playing in the swimming pool a couple of times and running around in his birthday suit. I can't see anybody putting their kid up for adoption on Craigslist of all things."

Redus is in jail and her bail is set at $1,000. The boy is in the care of his father.

Sources: Daily Mail,NBC


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