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Woman Found Dead With A Lock Of Her Deceased Horse's Hair In Her Hand

Stephanie Lees, of England, committed suicide in November 2014 after her horse was put down. Lees had owned Jake for 10 years and was found dead in her car holding a lock of hair from the horse’s mane.

Lees, 42, left a note in her house explaining why she was ending her life, Mirror reports. She wrote that she could not cope with the loss of her horse.

Jane Taylor, a friend of Lees, said that she went to the stables to go for a ride on the day that she discovered Lees.

Taylor said: “We passed a gateway that gives access to a parking area. I heard Helen say 'Oh my God.'"

According to Taylor, “She had a lock of her horse's hair in her hands.”

Court documents explain that Jake was put down due to colic, an illness that he contracted during an operation a week earlier.

Joanne Weatherall, who was one of Lees’ close friends, told the court, “Stephanie remained with Jake right up until the point the vet administered the injection.”

Police Officer Stephen Taylor, who found the note in Lees’ house, explained the contents of the letter in a hearing yesterday.

“It was basically saying that she lived for her horses and because the horse had been put to sleep she couldn't cope anymore,” he explained. "There was also a list of a dozen friends giving an amount of money to each person on the list."

Assistant Coroner Julian Fox ruled the death a suicide. “She had been a great lover of horses[,] in particular her horse Jake, who had been ill with a bad leg, " he said. “Having heard the circumstances relating to Jake[,] and in relation to the way her body was found and a note saying goodbye[,] I have no doubt at all that Steph did intend to take her own life," he added. "It is an extremely unexpected event[;] this lady was very talented and capable and barely in the prime of her life."

Lees is survived by her parents.

Sources: Mirror

Photo Source: SWNS via Daily Mail, WikiCommons


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