Stephan Ross, Holocaust Survivor, Returns American Flag to Family of U.S. Soldier Who Saved Him


Stephan Ross, a Holocaust survivor, returned an American flag to the family of U.S. soldier Steve Sattler, who had given him the gift 67 years ago.

Ross, now 81, was ten years old when Sattler found him at the Dachau concentration camp in Germany.

Sattler gave Ross his rations and handkerchief, which was decorated with the stars and stripes, during the April 29, 1945 liberation of Dachau, reports the Daily Mail.

On Veteran's Day, Ross thanked the family of Sattler, and hugged his children and grandchildren at the State House in Boston, Massachusetts.

Ross wore a striped jacket and hat, resembling the Dachau camp uniform, along with his identification number.

Ross also gave Sattler's family a boxed flag and said: "God Bless, America."

After World War II, Sattler returned to live on his farm in Unionville, Michigan. He passed away in 1986 at the age of 70.

Ross, who lives in Newton, Massachusetts, went on the TV show 'Unsolved Mysteries' in hopes of finding Sattler.

In August this year, Ross received a phone call from, Brenda Clark, Sattler's grand-daughter, who had seen the TV show.

After Ross and Sattler's family compared details, they found the personal histories matched up.

Ross told the Boston Globe: "'I recalled thinking: ''If this is true, there is some God in this world.'"

Ross lost his entire family, except for one brother, in the Holocaust.

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