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Stepfather Spares Teen During Double-Murder Suicide Because ‘He Loved Her Too Much’

A Florida man allegedly killed his wife and stepson during a double-murder suicide in Miami-Dade County, but spared his 16-year-old stepdaughter telling her that he loved her too much to murder her.

Miami police say Charles Davis, 41, opened fired on his wife of eight years, 44-year-old Valeria Davis, and her son 20-year-old Jeffrey Eskridge Jr. around 3 a.m. Tuesday. He then turned the gun on himself.

The boy’s father Jeffrey Eskridge says his son died trying to protect his mother.

“He died doing exactly what I would have done and that is protecting his mother. I am proud of him. He went with his Mom, which he probably wanted to do. He protected her,” Eskridge told CBS Miami.

Police found 16-year-old Tyria Poole alive inside the home.

“He told Tyria that he loved her too much to kill her so he spared her. She was hiding in the closet at the time,” said Eskridge.

The 20-year-old’s ex-girlfriend Serina Murphy was in tears when she spoke to CBS outside the home.

“For his step-father to do that to the family, I thought I knew Charlie," Murphy said. "I thought he would never do something like that. It is very shocking.”

Davis had an extensive arrest record and one second-degree murder conviction, according to the Florida Department of Corrections website. He was released from jail in 2006 after serving 15 years in prison.

Eskeridge says went to the home after he received a call from Tyria who told him that his son was dead.

“Charlie, his momma’s husband, killed him and killed her and killed himself,” said Eskridge. “I don’t know if I’m dreaming or if it’s for real or what.”

Sources: CBS Miami, Daily Mail

Image screenshot: WSVN-TV


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