Stealing Your Man Since 1928: 86-Year-Old Baddie Winkle Blows Up On Social Media (Video)


An 86-year-old great-grandmother from Kentucky set up an account on Twitter and Instagram in early April and already has hundreds of thousands of followers – including Rihanna.

Baddie Winkle, who claims to be “stealing your man since 1928,” brings a different brand of octogenarian to social media. She doesn’t wear a lot of clothes, but when she does she sports T-shirts tie-dyed with pot leaves on them or slogans like “Love Sucks" or "ACID Just Drop It."

Exceedingly confident she walks around pantless in her backyard and captions it “who cares.” Another selfie taken in her nightgown reads, “I woke up like this.”

A campaign to get Baddie Winkle on the Ellen DeGrenerous Show has spawned the hashtag “baddiewinkleonellen.” 

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Sources: UPI, Jezebel


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