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State Troopers In West Virginia Surprise People With $100 Bills During Traffic Stops

State troopers in West Virginia pulled a bunch of people over on Monday, but instead of giving them tickets, the troopers handed out $100 bills.

A number of drivers in Princeton, West Virginia, were in shock when some state troopers surprised them with cash, and reports say that the troopers were working on a Secret Santa project thanks to an anonymous donor.

“A gentleman came in earlier today and he asked if I had heard about the Secret Santa stuff that’s been going on across the nation,” First Sergeant M.R. Crowder told The Bluefield Daily Telegraph. “He said basically, he’d seen where some traffic stops had been occurring with law enforcement officers and they’d been giving away money from a Secret Santa.”

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The anonymous man handed troopers $1,000 worth of $100 bills and asked them to hand them out to random people, so instead of giving people traffic tickets on Monday, officers gave them cash. One woman, Marie Davis, was not happy when an officer pulled her over, and after asking him what she was pulled over for, the officer asked her if she was feeling lucky before giving her the $100 bill and a candy cane. Davis now says that the $100 will help her pay for Christmas dinner.

“It’s actually a privilege today to give out $100 bills because when people deal with law enforcement, it’s not always happy smiles, it’s usually in a negative way,” Trooper D.C. Graham told The Bluefield Daily Telegraph. “So it’s good to be able to provide some joy instead of negativity to these people.”

“It’s excellent. I tell ya, I about got emotional on him when he was standing here,” Crowder admitted. “When he gave it to me. I told him it’s probably one of the kindest things I’ve seen in my 20 years in being in law enforcement.”

Princeton, West Virginia is not the first place in the country to take part in Secret Santa traffic stops – generous donors in other parts of the country have worked with law enforcement to do the same thing.

Sources:NY Daily News, The Bluefield Daily Telegraph / Photo Source: NY Daily News


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