State Troopers Discover Meth Lab, 4-Year-Old In Car


Law enforcement officials in West Virginia arrested three people suspected of running a meth lab in a car. A 4-year-old child was also reportedly discovered in the car.

The incident began at a Walmart in Huntington, West Virginia, after state troopers received a tip about a suspicious car, according to WOWK 13. Upon further investigation, authorities discovered Kristyn Porter, Daniel Barker and Sabrina Wright and suspected them of selling meth from the vehicle.

State Troopers told WOWK 13 that the three are from out of the state. They added that Barker might be a wanted man.

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Their arraignment will be on either July 13 or July 14.

The child was taken into custody by Child Protective Services and will also be going to a hospital for possible meth exposure.

Upon hearing the story, many readers took to Facebook to voice their comments and concerns regarding the incident.

“So sick of drugs,” wrote one user. “People broken by addiction, families of addicts broken, children exposed to things they shouldn't be. I feel for addicts and yet I have limited sympathy. Angry and frustrated over the state of our area.”

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Source: WOWK 13, WOWK 13 on Facebook

Photo Credit: WOWK 13


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