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Louisiana State Trooper Dies After Being Shot In The Head, Police Say

Just after Louisiana State Trooper Steven Vincent was shot in the head by a man he stopped to help, alleged gunman Kevin Daigle reportedly taunted, "You're lucky, you are going to die soon.”

Vincent, a 13-year veteran of the force and Army veteran, died on Aug. 24 after being shot the day before, USA Today reported.

He approached Daigle, 54, whose truck was stuck in a ditch near Bell City, Louisiana, after he discovered the  pickup's license plates matched a reported “reckless vehicle.” According to Col. Mike Edmonson, head of the state police, video footage recovered from Vincent’s cruiser shows Daigle speaking with Vincent, 43, before he opens the door wielding a sawed-off shotgun and shoots Vincent in the head. 

Daigle will be charged with first-degree murder of a police officer and aggravated battery, although the investigation is ongoing. 

"As an organization, we are heartbroken over this senseless and tragic death. Our thoughts and prayers are with his surviving wife Katherine and his son Ethan as well as his entire extended family,” Edmonson said at a press conference on Monday.

Edmonson said two or three drivers stopped when they saw Vincent get shot. One driver wrestled the shotgun away from Daigle as others helped wrestle him to the ground, using Vincent’s handcuffs to detain him, Fox News reported.

"Nobody wore the badge more proudly than Steven Vincent," Edmonson said. "He embodied what it meant to be a Louisiana state trooper and a first responder.”

Edmonson also praised the drivers who stopped to help detain Daigle following the shooting.

Sources: USA Today, Fox News

Photo credit: USA Today, Louisiana State Police via AP


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