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State Trooper Who Stole From Dying Motorcycle Crash Victim Sentenced

A former Connecticut state trooper has been sentenced for stealing from a dying accident victim.

Aaron Huntsman, 45, responded to an accident on the Merritt Parkway in Fairfield involving a motorcycle crash on September 22, 2012.

John Scalesse, 49, was dying on the pavement from the crash when Huntsman took advantage of the situation to steal from him.

Huntsman was caught on his police cruiser’s video camera stealing $3,700 in cash and a gold crucifix from Scalesse, reports SF Gate.

Huntsman later told the victim’s family he did not find any money on his body. The money was found under the seat in Huntsman’s patrol car.

Huntsman pleaded guilty to larceny and evidence tampering under the Alford Doctrine, wherein he does not agree with the state’s case but concedes there is enough evidence to convict him of the crimes.

At the sentencing hearing, Hunstman told the judge he was not the same man who stole from a dying motorist two years ago, reports the Connecticut Post.

"I'm truly sorry for everything, I never realized a simple gold crucifix could cause so much hurt,” Huntsman said.

The victim’s mother does not agree.

"Stealing from anyone is shameful, but stealing a crucifix from a dying person is sacrilegious," Scalesse's mother, Marguerite said.

"He's still the same person who lied to me three times that night as my son lay in the morgue. And he's lying now," Marguerite added.

Huntsman has resigned from the state police after serving 18 years. His attorney, Ryan McGuigan, blames alcoholism for his “lapse in judgment.”

Judge Robert Devlin said during the sentencing hearing that Huntsman should have been the one to trust at the crime scene with money, but he “threw that trust out the window.”

Judge Devlin then sentenced Huntsman to five years, suspended after he serves one year, and then three years of probation.

Photo Source: Connecticut Post


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