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Accident Report: Minnesota State Trooper Was Driving Nearly 100 MPH Before Fatal Car Crash

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A Minnesota State Trooper was reportedly driving almost 100 miles per hour when he collided with a vehicle driven by an elderly couple last year. The collision killed the couple. 

State Trooper Scott Reps had been speeding to the scene of a motorcycle accident when he crashed into a car carrying Norman Scott, 78, and his wife Geneva, 79, as they were pulling out of a McDonald’s in Cannon Falls, Minnesota, on July 4, 2014, KMSP-TV reports.

Scott had been driving the couple’s Ford Taurus when the accident occurred.

A court indicted Reps on two counts of second-degree manslaughter due to the collision last December.

According to an accident reconstruction report by the Department of Public Safety, which was obtained by KMSP-TV, the State Trooper’s squad car had been traveling somewhere between 95 and 98 miles per hour before it skidded into the Scott’s car at 75 to 79 miles per hour. The report also made mention of Scott’s failure to yield to the officer when he was pulling out of the McDonald’s.

Reps is currently on medical leave due to his injuries. He had been a State Trooper for nearly 30 years when the incident occurred.

Reps' attorney, Fred Bruno, is currently working to get the indictment dismissed, claiming that the grand jury had poor information on the law. His trial is slated to begin in December. 

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