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State Trooper Attacked On A Greyhound Bus In Ohio (Video)

On a Greyhound bus traveling from Cleveland to Columbus, Ohio, a state trooper was attacked by a passenger. The entire incident was caught on camera.

Recently, a Greyhound bus driver called 911 after an unidentified female passenger began acting out.

The woman then swung at a female officer who responded to the call, forcing her out of the bus and onto the ground. Other passengers yelled as the fight went on - before the woman was detained.

Nobody stepped in to help the state trooper, but she escaped with only minor injuries, WJW-TV reported.

Zach Baugh told WJW-TV he was on his way to visit family when the brawl ensued. He filmed the incident. “It was unfortunate, it was pretty mind blowing,” he said.

“It looked like the lady was having a little bit of a personal problem, and she was going back and forth on the bus and yelling outrageous comments and disturbing a lot of the riders.”

Baugh said the state trooper was not confrontational when she was attacked. “She was asking real respectfully, and that’s when the suspect attacked her – it was out of the blue, it seemed like she was going to cooperate, and then it just happened,” Baugh said.

The passenger has not been charged, but she will most likely face charges of assault on a corrections employee.

Source: WJW-TV / Image via The Blaze


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