State’s Expert Witness In Gay Marriage Trial: Unrepentant Homosexuals Are Going To Hell


The state’s expert witness in Michigan’s gay marriage trial testified Thursday that he believes unrepentant homosexuals will go to hell.

“Is it accurate that you believe the consequence of engaging in homosexual acts is a separation from God and eternal damnation?” asked attorney Ken Mogill, adding, “in other words, they’re going to hell?”

“Without repentance, yes,” answered the state’s expert witness, Canadian economist Douglas Allen.

Allen is the last witness to testify on the state’s behalf in the nine-day trial.

He says he researched 60 same-sex parenting studied over the span of 15 years and recommends the state maintain a ban on same-sex marriage.

Michigan voted to define marriage as being between one man and one woman in 2004. Now a lesbian couple is challenging that ban.

Allen claimed science is a long way off from knowing just how gay parents will affect a child. He said his research showed children raised in same-sex households are less likely to graduate high school than children with opposite-sex parents. 

“The state should be very cautious in making such a fundamental change to such a fundamental issue where there’s no evidence on the child outcome issue,” Allen said in Wednesday. “We’re a long way from understanding what the child outcome results are in a conclusive way.”

Allen stands by his research, although he noted that it was criticized by other experts.

“The trial ended on Dr. Allen’s comment that the science on this remains unsettled,” said defense attorney spokeswoman Joy Yearout. “He was very clear that his personal beliefs have no impact on his research or the data it produces.”

Sources: Detroit Free Press, Detroit News


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