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Starving Pit Bull Jumps from Third-Story Window

A one-year-old pit bull left to starve in a third-floor apartment in New Bedford, MA, broke her hip and hind leg when she jumped through a window on Sept. 30 in an apparent desperate attempt to find food. 

When New Bedford Animal Control Officers entered the apartment to investigate, they discovered a pit bull puppy, about 4 months old, almost dead from starvation.  Both animals were taken to the Cape Cod Veterinary Specialists in Buzzard’s Bay and are expected to survive but will require additional long-term medical care because of their emaciated condition.

“The picture of the dogs’ ribs is heartbreaking,” said Jennifer Wooliscroft, director of communications for the Animal Rescue League of Boston.  “You can’t feed them mass quantities at first because it will make them ill. It’s a very slow process,” Wooliscroft said. “This is felony animal cruelty.”

Surgeons were able to treat the one-year-old dog’s broken bones, Wolliscroft told, but she will require ongoing monitoring and a special feeding program to address malnutrition. She is currently being cared for by Forever Paws Animal Shelter in Fall River, where she will continue her recovery.

The four-month-old puppy is eating and stable. Staff at Cape Cod Veterinary Specialties report that she is active and alert, but will require further hospitalization and monitoring, according to

Anyone with information on the incident or any knowledge on the identity of the person(s) who abandoned the dogs is urged to call New Bedford Animal Control Officer Emmanuel Maciel at 508-991-6366.

The Animal Rescue League of Boston is also asking for the public’s help to offset the costs associated with the dogs’ care and rehabilitation. For more information, visit

Advocates for animal rights will be at the State House this afternoon for a hearing with the Judiciary Committee where several animal-protection bills will be heard.

(Author’s Note: Let’s implement criminal and civil cost-recovery penalties for any property managers who rent to people with pets and then don’t check an apartment for two months, or who knowingly and deliberately leave the animals there to starve to death.)

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