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Starving Dog's Amazing Transformation Back To Health Goes Viral (Video)


A starving dog’s amazing transformation back to health was captured on video (below). 

Perry, a stray dog in India, was found in heartbreaking condition. In addition to being malnourished, Perry was much too weak to even look for food and therefore began deteriorating quickly.

He was rescued by Animal Aid Unlimited staff, who immediately put him on IV fluids. 

“He could barely lift his head and was the skinniest, sorriest boy we had ever seen,” the organization wrote on its website. “Even in his terrible state he was still a sweetheart and we could see he took great comfort in being pet and cuddled.”

Two months later, Perry recovered from mange and put on some healthy weight.

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“We had no idea just how loving and friendly he would become,” the organization wrote.

See more of Perry’s remarkable recovery below.

Sources: Mandatory, Animal Aid Unlimited / Photo credit: Mandatory


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