Starving Dog, Java, Gave Birth with Coffee Can on Her Neck

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Java (now renamed, “Olivia”), the female dog found last Sunday at a dumping ground for dogs in Dallas, had given birth to a litter of puppies during the month she struggled to survive with a coffee can around her neck, prohibiting her from eating or drinking, reports.

It is highly unlikely that any of the puppies survived, given her emaciated condition and her inability to even reach them because of the can.

Melody Hamilton of Animal Allies of Texas, told CBS News that the rusty can had cut about an inch into the flesh on Olivia’s neck and created an additional infection. It is estimated it had been there for at least a month. “She did not get that can on her head by her own volition,” she said, “Someone put the can on her head.” Both ends were removed. This is not a situation where the dog was reaching in for food and just got her neck caught.

Frank Librio, spokesperson for the City of Dallas, stated that an investigation is on-going in regard to both Olivia (aka Java) and Joshua, the loyal dog who was at her side and seemed to be guarding her.

“He was standing right by her side as she was laying on the ground,” Jody Jones of Dallas Animal Services told CBS News. Healthy and well-nourished, Joshua doesn’t appear to have come from the same home as Olivia, but somehow… he became her friend, maybe even her protector, she said.

“I’m sure Joshua is what caught the passerby’s attention,” said Jones. “And, as the rescuers took the dog into the vehicle, Josh was more than happy to go along for the ride.”

JOSHUA NEEDS A LOVING HOME! Frank Librio responded in an e-mail today, “Joshua is still at DAS and we are trying to find his owner. It does not appear that the two dogs were bonded to the extent first thought.

“Joshua has only been on the streets for a few days at most. He is neutered. If we don't find his owner, he'll be transferred to DFW Rescue Me and put into their adoption program. He's doing great, by the way --loves people and all the attention he is getting. Definitely was someone's pet.”

Olivia is making improvement since her surgery on Monday but “she is still not out of the woods,” according to Frank Librio.

Melody Hamilton said Olivia will spend at least another week at Metro Paws Animal Hospital, after which, if her recovery continues, she’ll be taken home and fostered by one of the vet technicians. The small 1- to 2-year-old shepherd mix should be adoptable in about four months. In the meantime, she’ll be treated for heart worms and spayed when she is well enough.

Anyone wanting to contribute to Animal Allies, which is overseeing Olivia’s care, can do so through the group’s website or by calling Metro Paws at 214-887-1400



Someone in Dallas knows who put this can on Olivia’s neck. This is not a crime that is usually done alone because there is the additional need to restrain a resistant animal (unless this was someone Olivia trusted, which makes it even more heinous.)

Crimes of this nature are also usually not kept secret because much of the exhilaration is in describing the victim’s reactions and reliving it.

Whether it was done as a horrific act of sadism or by bored youngsters who thought it would be amusing to see the frightened and suffering dog trying to extricate herself from the tight metal cylinder, this required a certain degree of premeditation (cutting the can for this purpose and identifying a vulnerable victim.)

The link between animal cruelty and human abuse is rife with perverted acts of this type, first perpetrated on animals and then escalating to violence against humans.

We hope that the Dallas investigation is vigorous and that the perpetrator(s) are prosecuted, whether juveniles or adults, and that the person(s) who know who did this will come forward with information.

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