Starbucks Coffee Company Brews Up Controversy With New Dress Code


Starbucks baristas and other employees are outraged after the coffee company decided to make a change to its dress code, which bans wearing some jewelry, including engagement rings.

A new Starbucks dress code implemented by the company earlier this month allows most tattoos and nose studs, but prohibits watches, bracelets or engagement rings with stones due to food safety rules, KOMO News reports.

"I'm not stirring someone's drink with my ring," one long-time employee, who asked to remain anonymous for fear of losing her job, told the station. "It's awesome they now allow you to wear tattoos, but it seems weird to not allow anyone to wear a wedding ring. A lot of people are upset.”

According to a company spokesperson, the new guidelines are based on Food and Drug Administration (FDA) food safety guidelines. He added that workers are still allowed to wear plain wedding bands, just no bling.

Some workers have signed an online petition asking Starbucks to reverse its decision, CNN reports. Others took to social media to criticize the new rules and voice their frustration.

I would rather see a wedding ring and a watch than someone's "mom" tattoo. @Starbucks#tobeapartner

— alx&r. (@alexandertomcat) October 24, 2014

"Visible tattoos are ok but a symbol of commitment to my husband isn't?" another tweet reads.

“Simple jewelry” is still permitted: two or less small earrings per ear and necklaces under clothes.

In 2011, Business Insider compiled a list of “12 Ways To Get Fired From Starbucks,” including “having tattoos” and “wearing nose rings, when it's a symbolic part of your culture.”

Sources: KOMO News, CNN via WKBNBusiness Insider

Image Credits: Marco Paköeningrat, Rudolf Schuba/Flickr


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