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Starbucks Same Store Sales Up 7% in Defiance of Brady Campaign Attacks

For months the Brady Campaign has engaged in a relentless attack against Starbucks. The reason? Starbucks refused to cave in to the Brady Campaign demand that Starbucks violate the civil rights of law abiding citizens.

At the height of the worst Depression since the 1930s, with unemployment at 17.9% (when all categories of unemployment are included), in a business driven solely by discretionary consumer spending, Starbucks stellar results for the quarter say a lot about its ethics and business practices. In standing up for its customers' Constitutional right to keep and bear arms, its customers stood up for Starbucks privilege to stay in business.

Far from buying into the Brady Campaign's hysterical fear mongering, Starbucks customers know both their persons and rights are safe when patronizing Starbucks. Voted one of America's most ethical businesses for the 4th year in a row, it's no wonder Starbucks management easily recognized a wrong answer when they saw one.


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