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Starbucks Customer’s Outburst Goes Viral (Video)

Video has surfaced showing a middle-aged white man verbally abusing a female Starbucks employee, calling her "trash" and telling her repeatedly that he voted for Donald Trump (video below).

According to the person who recorded the video clip, Jorge de Cardenas, the man became irate because he thought the staff was taking too long to fulfill his order.

"He said it was 'anti-white discrimination,' so he started disparaging the staff," Cardenas told the Miami New Times. "One patron called him an a------, so he said, 'F--- you, b----.' That's when I started filming."

The incident took place in Miami on the afternoon of Nov. 16.

At the beginning of the clip, the customer, who was later identified as David Sanguesa, is heard calling the African American barista "trash" and shouting "Trump."

"I voted for Trump," he says. "Trump. You lost. Give me my money back."

He then demands to know the young woman's identity.

"What is your name?" he asks. "I want your name, I want your card. You're garbage. Complete trash."

When another patron intervenes and tells Sanguesa not to talk to people like that, Sanguesa argues that he was being discriminated against. He then threatens to become violent.

"I'm gonna punch you out," he warns the fellow patron.

Sanguesa demands his money back one more time before leaving with a blonde woman.

Cardenas told the New Miami Times that he found the whole episode ridiculous.

"The funny thing, besides just the concept of anti-white discrimination, is just yelling 'Trump!' for no reason," he said. "Like, dude, you won."

Speaking the next day to WPLG, Sanguesa maintained that he was racially discriminated against, but said that he suffers from mental illness and had not taken his medication.

"She just refused to serve us, she did not want to serve us," he said, adding that it was "completely discrimination and, to me, racism because of our support for Donald Trump."

But Jennifer Santos, the barista targeted by Sanguesa, told WPLG that none of Sanguesa's claims are true.

"He must have been having a bad day," she said. "I felt disrespected. Very disrespected. It was very insulting and very discriminating. Things happen."

Records show that Sanguesa, who is originally from Texas, has previously been charged with a number of crimes, including one count of misdemeanor battery, according to the Miami New Times. At least three women have sued him for domestic or repeat violence.

Sources: Miami New Times (2), WPLG, YouTube / Photo Credit: Jorge de Cardenas via Miami New Times

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