Watch: Man Sees Insects Crawling Over Pastries In Starbucks Display Case (Video)


A Starbucks customer reportedly noticed something surprising that stopped him from ordering a pastry.

While in line for a cup of coffee at a Starbucks in Connecticut, Jay Brown considered ordering a pastry after the woman in front of him did just that, according to FOX26 Houston. However, he quickly realized that would be a bad choice.

When Brown took a closer look at the pastry display, he noticed that what he thought were crumbs starting to move. There were a handful of small insects crawling all over the pastries and flying around the inside of the display case.

It’s safe to say Brown passed on the pastries.

He posted video of the insects on YouTube and nicknamed the coffee franchise “Starbugs.”

Sources: FOX26 HoustonYouTube / Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube

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