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Starbucks Customer Hits Masked Robber With Chair (Video)

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A Starbucks customer, Cregg Jerri, used a chair to stop a masked robber armed with a fake gun and a real knife in Fresno, California, on July 20 (video below).

According to KPIX, Jerri came up behind the robber and hit him with a chair, but the attack was not enough to incapacitate him, leading to a struggle.

During the struggle, Jerri was stabbed in the neck, but was able to disarm the robber and stab him several times, according to police.

The suspect, who fled from the store, was identified by police as Ryan Flores, notes KFNS.

Flores reportedly surrendered to police later, allegedly confessed to the attempted robbery, and was treated for injuries.

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Chief Jerry Dyer of the Fresno Police Department said: "It was incredibly heroic and the way most people would think that they would respond but may not have the courage to respond," notes KPIX.

Dyer added: "It's not something we recommend. In this case it was a good outcome -- no one died as a result of this incident, but very well could have. But nonetheless, he's a hero -- there's no question," reports KFNS.

KFNS viewers weighed in on the video on the station's web page:

Carry concealed next time and kill that a hole dead. Oh wait, it's Kalifornia, nevermind.

I have my CCW license and most states require the situation to be a risk on your life before you can shoot someone. As this guy was a robber and not physically attacking anyone, merely acting, shooting and killing the robber could result in the "hero" receiving 2nd degree murder or manslaughter charges. Whether it's California, or not, shooting this man would be considered illegal.

[W]rong. Perhaps in Kommie California it would be considered illegal. However, most sensible States contain Castle Doctrines and provisions that allow you to use deadly force if there is a severe threat to another person. Armed robbery sure seems like a severe threat to another person.

[H]e was using the threat of deadly force to rob a store, even if a DA in some crazy state took up the case finding a jury that would convict in this situation is going to be extremely difficult.

Hope Flores is out of circulation for a very long time.

Next time use one of the taller chairs and hook it around the perp's neck.

Great job Cregg Jerri, crime would be a lot lower if more people step up instead of laying low like a punk. Cregg a warrior in my book!!

Sources: KPIX, KFNS / Photo Credit: DarkFritz/Wikimedia Commons, Elvert Barnes/Wikimedia Commons, Endrjuch/Wikimedia Commons

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