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If You're A Big Star Wars Fan, You May Be A Narcissis

People who take part in “geek” events like Star Wars fans are more likely to be narcissistic, according to a study from the University of Georgia.

Scientists developed a Geek Culture Engagement Scale and a Geek Identity Scale to quantify the figures they were studying, The Independent reports. People who scored high on both scales were considered more likely to be narcissists.

"We can say with high confidence that geek engagement is positively related to narcissism," the researchers wrote in their study, which was originally published in the Public Library of Science Journal (PLOS One) on Nov. 18.

Participants were scored on a scale from one to five depending on their level of engagement with activities such as Star Wars, live action role playing games like Dungeons and Dragons or cosplaying, Tech Times notes.

According to Jessica McCain, the scientist who led the research, geek culture is associated with obscure media like Japanese animation and science fiction, although the culture is becoming more apparent in national media, The Independent reports. For example, New York Comic-Con is one of the premier geek conventions in the United States.

"Our findings suggest that geek media is especially attractive to narcissists, independent of demographic variables," McCain added in the research.

University of Georgia conducted a total of seven studies on 2,354 people who attended a science fiction and fantasy convention in Georgia.

The scientists noted that their findings were conclusive in also finding a connection between those who scored highly on the Geek Scale and those who scored highly on neuroticism and non-clinical depression.

Sources: PLOS ONEThe Independent, Tech Times / Photo Credit: In Shorts, Jalisco Campus Party/Flickr via Tech Times

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