Star Parker Says ‘Homosexuality Is Now Dividing Us’ At Values Voter Summit (Video)


Conservative columnist Star Parker didn’t waste any time with some strong comments to open Saturday’s session of the Values Voter Summit.

In her opening remarks, Parker called homosexuality “sexual behavior” which should be kept “private.” She also claimed liberals have “declared a war on marriage which weakened women and opened a door to this new culture of meaninglessness — homosexuality is now dividing us and bringing hostility into the pubic square.”

The New Civil Rights Movement reports that Parker labeled liberals “liars” and “enemies of God” who constantly urge conservatives to “smoke a little pot, take off your clothes in front of total strangers a little, give up your guns, give up your God and your disapproval of gays.”

Parker is the founder and president of CURE, the Center for Urban Renewal and Education. She recently wrote an article declaring the Tea Party is the solution and not the problem, according to the Providence Journal.

The Values Voter Summit was scheduled for Oct. 11-13 in Washington, D.C.

Sources:, The New Civil Rights Movement, Providence Journal, FRC Action


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