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Standing While Urinating May Soon be Against the Law in Europe

Urinating while standing up may soon become illegal in Europe, as representatives on the Sormland County Council and the Left Party are urging a "sitting only" rule for public restrooms.

It is not clear how they will enforce this rule, but they say they are doing it for more than sanitary reasons. Supporters of the law say that urinating while sitting will help the bladder empty more effectively, and thus is healthier.

If it continues to be seen as politically incorrect, many countries in Western Europe may start giving out tickets for standing up and urinating. Site the Naked Scientists said that a similar movement is popping up in Germany, France and Holland.

John Gamel, University of Louisville professor, does not believe that seated urination laws will stop men from being unsanitary while relieving themselves, as he said there will still be a mess when they get up from the toilet as "no man will want to shake by sticking their hand inside a toilet."

The problem has become so widespread that feminists in some portions of Europe have created signs that say "Drop your trousers and sit" and feature a logo of a man standing up while urinating with a big red X over it. 

Other women are taking a stance against it by posting placards with the words "Not another filthy puddle on MY bathroom floor!" to stop men from standing while urinating at home.

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