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Alleged Stalker Arrested At Kris Jenner's Home

Police arrested a fired security guard on May 1 for reportedly repeatedly stalking reality show star Kris Jenner in California.

The alleged stalker, Joshua Jacobs, managed to get all the way to 61-year-old Jenner's front door in the Hidden Hills gated community before authorities caught him, TMZ reports.

In addition to facing felony charges for stalking, he is accused of theft. Jacobs allegedly also stole a security sign-in sheet.

It's not clear what exactly Jacobs meant to do to the "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" star, but this is reportedly the third time he is accused of stalking her since being fired by the gated community, Hollywood Life reports.

News of the alleged stalking provoked mixed reactions on social media.

Some were fearful and showed empathy for Jenner.

"That's crazy I would hate to think these people could have a gun it's scary now a days I would never trade my life to be famous crazy life never left alone and stalkers  everywhere u go !!" said  one person on TMZ's Facebook post about the arrest.

Others were skeptical the stalking happened as described.

"These Kardashians are crying wolf way too many times for ratings," wrote one TMZ reader. "Now every time they make a bogus claim the public shuts them out. I predict it will be over for them very soon. Even their diminishing fan base is growing weary."

"They just use that as more PR," agreed another. "They don't care what kind of attention they get as long as they get attention. I have no sympathy for her or her kids, they get what they ask for."

Jacobs is just one of many accused of stalking Jenner and her family.

In August 2016, police arrested Christina Elizabeth Bankston for stalking and hacking into Jenner's devices, the New York Daily News reports.

Bankston sent hundreds of messages to Jenner, many of which were of a a sexual nature.

Earlier in 2016, another individual managed to walk straight into Jenner's home.

"I was sitting here at my desk, doing the 5 million things I needed to do, and a guy walked into my office," Jenner told Harper's Bazaar.

"I get crazy just thinking about it," she added. "The police were here, and then you have to file a police report. It was three o'clock in the afternoon. He walked in and said, 'Lucy, I'm home!' -- and nobody ... Well, let's just say, three people were fired yesterday."

Sources: TMZ, Hollywood LifeTMZ/Facebook, New York Daily News, Harper's Bazaar / Photo credit: Jim Jordan/Wikimedia Commons

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