Stale Cinnabon Sends South Carolina Burger King Customer Over The Edge

A South Carolina woman was arrested for threatening to “shoot everyone” at a Burger King after she was given a stale Cinnabon roll.

Andre Ann McCullough, 33, was arrested Wednesday for the May 13 incident at the Charleston restaurant.

McCullough allegedly had a profane verbal dispute with employees over the pastry.

“There is only one left,” an employee reportedly told her.

McCullough and two of her friends agrily left the restaurant, witnesses told police.

Minutes later McCullough returned alone, “she had her hand inside a black purse,” and told employees “I’m going to shoot down the place,” according to The Smoking Gun. One of her friends pulled her out of the store, the police report said.

When employees said they were calling the police, McCullough and her friends left the scene in a Dodge Charger.

Workers recorded the vehicle’s license plate number, which eventually lead police to McCullough.

Charged with assault, she could face up to three years in state prison.

She was freed on $10,000 bail.

Sources: The Smoking Gun, New York Daily News


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