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St. Louis Teenager Accuses Police Officers Of Beating Her For Standing In The Middle Of An Intersection

A 19-year-old teen girl from St. Louis was reportedly tased, beaten, and had her face dragged across pavement by police after she was stopped for standing and talking in the middle of a street intersection. 

Kenisha Gray was standing in the middle of the road and holding up traffic while having a conversation with someone when police approached her. Gray reportedly ran from the cops, and they chased her and handcuffed her, reports Inquisitr. After placing her in the back of their police car, police say the teen once again tried to escape, at which point officers tased her in order to subdue her.

Police say Gray fell forward after escaping from their vehicle and hit her face on the pavement, causing her to suffer from broken bones and missing teeth that reportedly left her unable to speak and required multiple surgeries. But the young woman's mother, Valerie Williams, says the cops are lying and that her daughter's injuries were the result of police brutality.

"That's a lie," Williams said. "I don't see how she could hit face first, and she got all of this messed up on her face. I don't understand, if she hit face first, she wouldn't have had all this on her face. I can't believe this."

Williams says she believes the police officers dragged Gray's face on the pavement before placing her in the car.

Gray is currently resting at home and waiting for her bones and teeth to heal. 

The St. Louis Police Department has not commented on the incident. 

Source: Inquisitr

Photo Credit: Inquisitr,


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