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St. Louis Police Use Stun Guns and Arrest People: 'Grab Anybody' (Video)

A silent protest against police brutality was apparently met with police using stun guns and arresting protesters in St. Louis, Missouri, on May 29.

The #ShutDownBaseball protesters, who were part of the "Black Lives Matter Campaign," started at Kiener Plaza and walked to Busch Stadium where the MLB's Cardinals were playing. The protesters held signs and wrote on sidewalks with chalk (video below).

The protest was coming to an end at about 11:30 p.m. when some of the remaining protesters crossed onto a street, which had been blocked off, according to

Police told protesters to leave the street, and then reportedly began using stun guns and arresting people.

One of the females who had a stun gun used on her filmed an officer shouting, "Grab anybody, they were all in the street!"

Some passersby may have had stun guns used on them as well or were arrested on the sidewalk. 

Eight people were charged with impeding traffic, while two were also cited for resisting arrest, noted

Image Credit: St. Louis Police Logo


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