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St. Louis Couple Charged With Third-Degree Assault In Nerf Drive-By Shooting (Video)

A St. Louis man and his girlfriend are facing assault charges after the woman allegedly shot a fast-food worker, using a Nerf gun as a weapon.

The Riverfront Times reported that Mark Applebaum, 26, and Stephanie Winkler, 22, drove a black SUV into the drive-thru of a Lion’s Choice in Fenton, Mo., didn’t order anything, but pulled up to the service window and shot a Nerf dart at the employee.

The incident was all caught on surveillance video and reported to the St. Louis County Police Department on Tuesday.

Brian Schellman, media relations officer for the county police department, told Daily RFT that they conducted a thorough investigation for two days.

"Through investigative tools that we have and because [the cashier] had a partial description of the vehicle and a partial plate number, we were able to match that to a description of the suspects in the shooting," he says.

Applebaum and Winkler were charged with third-degree assault, and each face up to fifteen days in county jail and fined $300. Both suspects are set to appear in court on April 14, according to KMOV.

"They didn't intend to hurt this person," says Schellman, "but any time you put the victim in reasonable fear, that can be construed, by Missouri State statute, as 'assault.'"

The worker wasn’t hurt, and police have not mentioned what prompted the act.


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