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St. Louis Police Officer Killed In Fatal Shooting

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A St. Louis County police officer was shot and killed after responding to a disturbance call on the morning of Oct. 6.

At a morning news conference, St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar said Officer Blake Snyder, 33, was shot point-blank by an 18-year-old suspect with a pistol, KMOV reports. The suspect, Trenton Forster, was shot and wounded by a second officer who arrived on the scene, and was in critical but stable condition at a St. Louis hospital hours after the incident occurred.

Snyder was responding to a disturbance call about a man reported to be banging on the door of a home in Green Park, a small middle-class community in Missouri, at 5:04 a.m. when the shooting took place. Belmar said Forster had previously been charged with a narcotics felony, Fox News reports, and that Snyder was “part of that case” but didn't specify how.

Belmar said Snyder encountered the suspect as he was leaving the home, seated alone behind the wheel of a car, and at some point the officer told Forster that he needed to see his hands.

"And then almost immediately -- shorter than it took me to say this -- he shot him," Belmar said.

After seeing the immediately fatal shooting of Officer Snyder as he arrived to the scene, a second officer fired several shots at the suspect in his car. Forster suffered multiple injuries, and was sent to a St. Louis hospital in critical condition.

Snyder was a four-year veteran of the force, and leaves behind a wife and 2-year-old son. Officers report the shooting was the first on-duty officer death in St. Louis County since October 2000.

"Our thoughts and prayers certainly go out, first and foremost to Blake Snyder’s family, but certainly the police officers that he worked with,” Chief Belmar expressed in his press conference.

“They work in an incredibly difficult environment on an ideal day, and at times, as we have seen, it is an environment that can be incredibly dangerous,” he added.

Police said they are not looking for any other suspects in Snyder’s death, but are speaking with a person who allegedly witnessed the shooting, KMOV reports. There were no dash cams or body cameras used at the time of the shooting, Chief Belmar added.

Sources: KMOV, Fox News / Photo Credit: St. Louis County Police Department/Fox News

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