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St. Louis Cop Warns Officers They're Being Filmed, Turns Off Dash-Cam (Video)

A St. Louis police officer warned her fellow officers they were being filmed by a dashboard camera in a police cruiser.

The dash-cam video (below) reportedly recorded Officer Kelli Swinton warning officers and then turning off the dash-cam during the arrest of Cortez Bufford.

According to St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Bufford's lawyers, Joel Schwartz and Bevis Schock, who filed an excessive force lawsuit on Jan. 22, released the video.

St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay's office reportedly delayed the release of the dash-cam video, which was recorded on April 10, 2014.

Officers Nathaniel Burkemper and Michael Binz were answering a call about gunshots when they pulled over Bufford's car after he allegedly made an illegal U-turn.

The officers claim Bufford refused to get out of his car, so back-up was called. The video appears to show several officers kick and beat Bufford because he allegedly had a gun in his car and they were trying to stop him from reaching it.

Later, Swinton arrived on the scene and warned her fellow officers, “Hold up. Hold up, y’all. Hold up. Hold up, everybody, hold up. We’re red right now, so if you guys are worried about cameras, just wait.”

The dash-cam inside a police cruiser filming the incident then went dark, reports Fox 2 Now.

Bufford's lawsuit claims he suffered extensive injuries from Burkemper, Officer Monroe Jenkins and two other police officers.

Bufford's lawyers claim he was “just exercising his rights” while refusing to get out of the car. Bufford was taken to a hospital after the incident, but there was no mention of his injuries in the police report.

A felony charge of unlawful use of a weapon and a misdemeanor of resisting arrest were dropped against Bufford on Aug. 26, 2014.

The St. Louis Police Department does not allow dashboard cameras to be turned off until "the assignment or the reason for the initiation of recording is completed.”

Sources: St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Fox 2 Now Image Credit: St. Louis Post-Dispatch and Fox 2 Now Screenshot


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