St. Louis Cardinals Fans Selling Darren Wilson Shirts


A group of St. Louis Cardinals fans who support Darren Wilson, the Ferguson, Missouri, police officer who shot and killed unarmed teen Michael Brown in August, is selling new shirts that support their baseball team and Wilson.

The group “We Are Darren Wilson” is urging people to wear the shirts during this Saturday's playoff game against the San Francisco Giants, reports The Guardian.

"We Are Darren Wilson" states on its Facebook page:

Pick up a game shirt to support Darren Wilson... We're hand-painting the shirts with stencils. If a local supporter has access to a screen printer or shirt company with immediate availability to print these more efficiently, let us know (we already have the shirts)!

The group was apparently inspired by a Cardinals fan who taped "Darren Wilson" to his shirt a few days ago when Cardinals fans mocked Ferguson protesters with racial insults.

Journalist Mustafa Hussein, of Argus Streaming News, who filmed the racist insults, told The Daily Kos, "People have lost all social control over what they say or do, even if a camera is present. What used to be discussed in barber shops, hair salons or at dinner parties, is now openly expressed without regard for reproduction.

"The division of our society is often exposed when events like the shooting death of Mike Brown are pushed into national attention, and the false pretense that we live in a 'post-racial society' is exposed," added Hussein. "The most disturbing fact of this entire situation is that many people still believe that racism is a past problem for the United States."

Sources: Facebook, Daily Kos, The Guardian


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