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'It's Completely Shocking': Squatters Refuse To Leave Woman's Colorado Home (Video)

A woman from Colorado Springs received a shocking call from her real estate agent.

Pauline Hawkins was informed that a family of squatters had moved into her former home that she had recently put up for sale.

Real estate agent, Linda Schauer, told Hawkins that the family claimed to have paid the landlord $2,700 to move in. Apparently, the landlord was a fake and the family was scammed, according to KRDO News.

Initially, Hawkins felt bad for the squatters and gave them until after Christmas to move. Christmas came and went and the family refused to leave - and letting them stay that long gave the squatters legal protection. 

"My heart just ached for them. I thought, oh my gosh, what a horrible situation for them, those poor people," Hawkins told KRDO.

Hawkins has contacted authorities but has been told there is nothing they can do and that she will have to take the squatters to court.

"They put the utilities in their name,” she said.

"The police now will not deal with it, they say it's a civil matter," real estate agent Schauer told KRDO.

Hawkins put her home up for sale and moved to New Hampshire in order to pay for medical bills for her son who was suffering from a form of brain cancer.

She claims no one will purchase the home in the current condition. "They destroyed my house so much so that when the buyer went through the final walk through, took the offer off the table," Hawkins told KRDO.

Hawkins has been advised to file a lawsuit against the squatters and proceed with a formal eviction as if they were actual tenants. The sale of the house has been put on hold until the squatters are removed.

"It's completely shocking," Hawkins said. "It's completely shocking that there are laws that are protecting these people to stay in my house. There are no laws to protect me."

KRDO News Channel 13 spoke with one of the squatters who said that it "is not any of your concern,” when asked when they intended to leave the home. 

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Sources: KRDO News

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