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'They're Staying In Our House': Squatters Prevent Couple From Moving Into Newly Purchase Home

A disabled veteran who had just bought a new home in Sacramento, California, was getting ready to move in. When she arrived, however, she found another family already living in the house.

Marietta Sherrod was supposed to move into her new home on Helio Drive with her husband on Tuesday, Fox 40 reported. She was not able to close escrow after she was told that another family had already moved in.

The family that had moved in, who chose to remain anonymous, told Fox 40 that they found the house for rent on Craigslist. They said they paid a man, who claimed to be the owner, more than $3,000 to rent the house.

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Gwendolyn Roe, Sherrod's real estate agent, says that the family is living there illegally, but added that the situation is little more complicated than just kicking them out.

“Squatters have certain rights they can’t just be removed from the property they have to be evicted, they have to go to court,” Roe explained to Fox 40.

According to, if a “property was abandoned, and someone else ‘squatted’ on it for a number of years, the squatter could gain control over the land.”

The bank-owned home had been vacant for two years before the family moved in. The family says they are the victims of an internet scam and don’t have enough money to move out of the home at the moment.

Sherrod and her real estate agent are waiting for the listing agent to make the next move.

“They’re staying in our house, and I can’t move in until we get them out,” Sherrod said.

Sources: Fox 40, Us Legal

Photo Credit: Screenshot from Fox 40


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