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Spring City, Utah Councilman Neil Sorensen Wants Guns in Every Home, Classroom

Spring City, Utah Councilman Neil Sorensen recently wrote a proposed ordinance that called for every home to have a gun and free concealed gun training for all elementary school teachers.

Sorensen told KSL-TV: “The first recommendation was that we require, or we recommend, every household have a gun and be properly trained to use it."

But some residents were uncomfortable with requiring everyone to be armed so Sorensen agreed to rewrite the ordinance to encourage every home to have a gun, reports KSL-TV.

Sorensen said he had the idea of arming teachers after the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School last month: “I think if they would have had guns in there and the teacher would have had a gun, they wouldn’t have killed so many kids."

“I would like to see the people have guns to protect themselves, be trained and qualified. I just feel it’s a step in the right direction."


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