Spring Breaker Chris Brennan Pees In Cop Car, On Deputy’s Lunch

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Chris Brennan celebrated his spring break by peeing on a police officer’s lunch while it was stashed inside his patrol car. The incident took place in Fort Meyers, Fla. The 18-year-old and two of his friends were breaking bottles when a deputy showed up. The cop threw Brennan in the back of the car while he questioned his two buddies, which led to the young man banging his head against the vehicle’s windows and threatening to urinate. According to a Lee County Sheriff's Office report, the deputy stashed Brennan in the car for "safety purposes.”

At some point during the incident, Brennan made the promise: "I will piss in your car!" Unfortunately for the officer and everyone involved, the young man made good on that promise, reports The Huffington Post. While in the backseat of the squad car, he allegedly urinated through the car's screen cage and onto the deputy's personal items.  Those items included a cellphone, water bottles and the deputy’s lunch bag.

Brennan was arrested on a charge of resisting an officer without violence. He was transported to Lee County Jail.

Last year Dylan DiFalco peed in a cop car. Before doing so, he allegedly said, "I told you I had to go, you stupid cop."

There’s more. In 2011 a couple arrested on drug charges managed to get busy in a patrol car's backseat even thought they were handcuffed. Even more recently, "Dazed and Confused" star Jason London allegedly defecated in the backseat after he was arrested for assault.

Source: (The Huffington Post)


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