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SpotSquad App Pays Users to Report Illegally Parked Cars

If you have ever wanted to be a meter maid, a new app called "SpotSquad" will give you that lifelong dream of making money off other people's parking violations.

"SpotSquad" allows users to report illegally parked cars and earn a percentage of the driver's fine after it is paid.

The app aims to crowdsource tattletales at privately run parking lots and on public streets.

Users simply take a picture of the illegally parked car, which is GPS tagged, they choose the alleged violation from the app's menu.

The SpotSquad report is automatically sent to the owner of the private lot or to law enforcement if the car is on public property.

If everything goes right in this police state scenario, then law enforcement will cite the offender.

Company co-founder Chris Johnson told that the SpotSquad report is not admissible evidence, so that is why law enforcement must write the ticket.

However, Johnson is hoping that his app will someday be able to directly issue citations.

"SpotSquad" hopes to have a pilot program up and running soon in Winnipeg, Canada, where the company is based.

Johnson wants to expand his snitch-like app to the United States and offers this advice: "Just read the signs, follow the rules and you won’t have a problem."

Obviously, he has never parked in Los Angeles.

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