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Sportscaster Jim Rome Calls Marching Band Members 'Dorks' And Gets Epic Response From Army Band

A CBS Sports Radio commentator came under fire after calling marching band members “dorks” on Twitter. That's when the Army’s marching band launched an epic response at the radio host.

Jim Rome, host of his own show on CBS Sports Radio, took to Twitter on New Year’s Day to mock those who choose to be in a marching band.

“Is there anyone not in a marching band who thinks those dorks running around with their instruments are cool?” Rome tweeted.

It’s easy to imagine the high school stereotype that Rome likely fit into in high school, but the “dorks” he mocked online weren’t going to shut up and take it. After his tweet, which has since been deleted, #MarchOnRome quickly went viral, and the sportscaster immediately faced a ton of backlash from marching band members around the world.

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No response was quite as epic, however, as the response from the United States Army.

“Just ‘running around with our instruments,’ and serving our country,” tweeted the Army Field Band along with a picture of them marching.

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Despite Rome’s effort to destroy the evidence, the damage was already done, so the following day, the radio host and sportscaster tweeted an apology.

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“Band nation - I hear you. I was out of line. I apologize. I do not condone bullying of any kind and that was not my intent,” Rome tweeted.

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