Sports Radio Host Dino Costa Pushes Boston Bombing Conspiracy Theory (Video)


On Fox News' 'Red Eye' last night sports radio host Dino Costa brought up a right wing conspiracy theory about University of Mobile track coach Alastair Stevenson, who claimed to overhear a police officer saying “it’s just a drill” right after the Boston Marathon bombings (video below).

The so-called "bomb squad drill" theory came from an April 16 interview that Stevenson did with (video below), which was spread among the conspiracy web community by

Costa complained how “nobody wants to talk to this guy" and how all the news reporting on the Boston bombing has come from “the authorities," reports

Later in the show, during Andy Levy‘s “Halftime Report,” Levy confronted Costa about the conspiracy theory.

In response, Costa replied: "Well, what I want to know is, why was this man allowed to leave Boston the next day? If he saw things that were out of kilter, that were askew, that certainly were red flags."

When Levy suggested that Stevenson might be a "crackpot," Costa replied: "This is a guy that’s gone to multiple marathon. He’s run marathons all over the world. So if he’s a crackpot, I guess he’s seen things that have been not-so-right at virtually every other marathon."

Later, Costa defended his bringing up the conspiracy theory by claiming he was just asking questions: "So wait a second, we’re just supposed to take, at face value, everything we’re told and not ask questions ever? Ever? So asking questions or coming up with some theories or exploring it from different angles, this is wrong, how?”

After Levy said that some conspiracy theories are "insane," Costa fired back: “So as long as it fits within the parameters of the controlled environment in which the news is coming out, that’s okay. But anything outside of the official description, that’s insane?”



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