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Sports Radio Host Craig Carton Says Kill Boston Marathon Bomber Without Trial (Video)

During the 'Boomer & Carton' radio show on WFAN-AM today, hosts Boomer Esiason and Craig Carton took phone calls about the Boston Marathon bombing (video below).

In response to a caller named "Joe," Carton stated: "I have very strong beliefs that if you catch someone who did it, ahhhh, there's no trial and you kill them. And you're done with it. That's just how I feel and I know that goes against how a lot of people feel, but just my own personal sensibilities," reports

"Find out the person who did it, if you know 100% and that's the person who did it. You end that person and that's it. It's very simple to me, but that's me and you get off on a whole different tangent which I don't want to go in that direction. I know that it angers a lot of people."

Esiason later concurred and said:  "I don't care who it angers, the fact of the matter is we're all in this together... That terror, that post traumatic stress disorder is going ot be living with a number of those first responders and people that were right there so we want revenge we want to be able to hold somebody accountable for this and we want to make sure we get the right people. We extract the revenge that should be in the response to something so insidious as this."

Both Carton and Esiason seemed to acknowledge that they were feeling emotional about the bombing. Their responses were tame compared to Fox News guest Erik Rush, who called for all Muslims to be killed on Twitter.

Sources: and WFAN-AM


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