SI Photos Taken In Hurricane-Affected Areas (Photos)

SI Photos Taken In Hurricane-Affected Areas (Photos) Promo Image

Photos and videos taken in areas affected by Hurricanes Irma and Harvey have been posted to the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition's Instagram page, sparking some criticism. 

On Sept. 11, a video of two Brooklynettes appeared on the Swimsuit Edition's Instagram feed. The Brooklynettes are the official dance team for the Brooklyn Nets NBA team.

"Hey everyone, it's Asha and Taylor here from the Brooklynettes," one of the dancers says in the video. "We're super excited to travel to Barbados to shoot our 2018 calendar."

A caption accompanying the video also says the dance team was set to wear the swimsuit edition's debut swimwear line and that live video from the shoot was set to be posted to several social media accounts the following day.

On Sept. 12, five posts featuring the shoot were uploaded to the Swimsuit Edition's Instagram page. They included a photo of 10 of the dancers in various swimsuits posing on a beach.

"The [Brooklynettes] are making our debut swimwear line look REAL GOOD #BrooklynInBarbados," said the accompanying caption. 

On Sept. 7, four days before the initial post about the Brooklynette's, the Swimsuit Edition posted photos of a model by a pool to the Instagram page. According to Page Six, the photos were taken in Houston, which was devastated by Hurricane Harvey in early September. 

According to Newsweek, the hurricane had caused at least 70 deaths in Texas as of Sept. 11. 

While many of the comments on the Instagram posts praised the photos, they did receive some criticism. 

"What the f is wrong with you people the island is destroyed stop posting this stupid s**t now [SI Swimsuit]," one Instagram user commented on the photo of the dancers posing on the Barbados beach. 

A Sports Illustrated reader also called the pictures "incredibly shameless and inappropriate given the devastation in Texas and the Caribbean," according to Page Six. 

While Hurricane Irma caused considerable damage to Anguilla, Barbuda and the British Virgin Islands, Barbados Today reported that Barbados largely escaped the worst of the storm, which caused no more than high sea swells in the area. 

Also posted to the Swimsuit Edition's Instagram page was a video of U.S. Virgin Islands native Hannah Jeter, who has previously been featured on the magazine's cover. In the video, Jeter speaks about the devastation caused by Hurricane Irma in her hometown of St. Thomas, as well as other parts of the Caribbean, and urges those watching to help. 

"The U.S. Virgin Islands and St. Thomas are reeling from the destruction caused by Hurricane Irma," the accompanying caption reads. "[Hannah Jeter] has a special message about her hometown. To help, please visit #irma #fema #redcross #vistrong"

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